TITAN.IUM® Framework Apps

Apps for the the TITAN.IUM® Framework

TITANIUM delivers an array of innovative network applications on our TITAN.IUM Cloud-native InterGENerational Platform. Applications are virtualized, NFV-compliant, cloud-native, and deployable on premises or in the cloud via containers, virtual machines, and commercially available hardware, providing optimal network flexibility.

TITANIUM applications provide a full ensemble of InterGENerational functions across all generations of mobility, with support for a wide array of signaling and routing functions and protocols including HTTP/2 for 5G SCP and NRF as well as ENUM/DNS, SIP, DIAMETER, SS7/C7, RADIUS, SIGTRAN.

Furthermore, TITANIUM supports InterGENerational subscriber data management and security for 5G including UDM, AUSF, ARPF, SIDF, 5G EIR NSSF and SEPP, as well as HSS/HLR, EIR.

TITANIUM applications enable carriers to accelerate implementation of new services across multiple generations of networks, while dramatically simplifying the core network and reducing operating costs.

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