TITAN.IUM® Framework

Cloud-Native InterGENerational Framework

The telecom industry is undergoing a dramatic shift in the transition to 5G. Physical infrastructure that had been the mainstay of the telecom industry is transitioning to an enterprise IT infrastructure that is distributed, cloud-based and enabled by orchestration and automation capabilities, utilizing low latency distributed systems.

TITAN.IUM® has been there with customers through the journey, from appliances, to bare metal, to virtualization, to NFV, to infrastructure as code and to cloud native with the goal of streamlining operations, consolidating silos and unlocking new revenue generating services. TITAN.IUM is here to help you modernize, consolidate, simplify and secure, to get most out of your solutions.

Cloud-native CSPs need unified approach to signalling to enable 5G opportunities - White Paper

TITAN.IUM® is designed to reach the next evolution in performance, scale and ease of operations, making it the ideal framework for your InterGENerational migration, providing vertical and horizontal scale-out with low latency, coupled with a suite of data replication capabilities that provide flexible architectural options which can evolve with the changing network over time. TITAN.IUM®’s unique design is beneficial across several key customer attributes

The Benefits of a TITAN.IUM® Solution

InterGENerational Support

TITANIUM has delivered a wide range of software for over 20 years, covering all generations of mobility. TITAN.IUM not only provides a state-of-the-art 5G application framework, but brings forward 2G, 3G and 4G core signaling applications into the cloud native era. This allows customers to fully utilize their existing assets and migrate multiple generations of services to a single, modern cloud-native application framework at their own pace.

Wide Solution Domain Functionality

TITAN.IUM enables a full ensemble of InterGENerational functions, with support for a wide array for signaling, routing and security functions based on HTTP2, ENUM/DNS, SIP, Diameter and SS7/C7 Sigtran signaling protocols. Furthermore, TITAN.IUM supports InterGENeratinoal subscriber data management, including HSS/HLR, EIR, UDM and AUSF. TITAN.IUM combines this functionality with Global Data Services (GDS) for efficient use of global network data, for cost efficient routing and additional security between providers.

Architecture Simplification

Combining multiple mobility generations and managing with single user interface only goes so far. On its own it does little to improve resource utilization and application sharing (that can create cloud native silos), troubleshooting, multi-domain security and overall solution adaptability. TITAN.IUM unifies generations of services, not only from a user interface standpoint, but is built from the ground up to be a unifying system, simplifying all aspects of operation, reducing complexity and time to outcome. TITAN.IUM’s design, regardless of the generation or solution domain, is identical, sharing common Application Programmable Interfaces (APIs), analytics, management tools, operational procedures, policies and data.

Integrated Data

TITANIUM has consistently promoted an integrated data approach in our solutions. Data can come from many sources, mobility applications/network functions, global routing sources, Operations Support Systems (OSSs), and other management tools. Wouldn’t it be nice to have shareable data, with instant access? Once onboarded other applications and network functions have access to the data without any additional integration. The shared data increases security, combines once siloed systems, and reduces routing errors. Furthermore, since all of the subscriber, global and security data is now accessible to the application framework, security solutions have significantly more information to instantly cross reference call flows, protecting your services and subscribers.

Cloud-native, Interoperable, and Deployable Anywhere

TITAN.IUM is built from the ground Kubernetes-based and cloud-native, with micro-services where you actually need them, for efficient scale and low latency data synchronization to support 5Gs distributed systems. All of our customers are in different stages of their infrastructure modernization, deploying heterogeneous solutions for some time to come, utilizing their existing assets. TITAN.IUM is deployable on premises or in the cloud via containers, Virtual Machines and Bare Metal without any interoperability caveats.

Integrated DevOps & CI/CD, Where The Company is the Solution

More than ever, you’re not just buying hardware and software, you’re partnering. At TITANIUM, DevOps is a collaborative partnership between us, our customers’ development/operations teams and even other vendors. The Company is The Solution, combines People, Processes and Collaborative Tooling with TITANIUM. We start with our PEOPLE, providing deep subject matter expertise and adaptive culture. Second, we’ve developed agile PROCESSES enabling us to focus on each customers’ needs. Third, we utilize a flexible set of interactive COLLABORATIVE TOOLS that are that support multiple deployment models in a secure environment. Last, we have TITAN.IUM built from the ground up, with common operations tools and interfaces that support customizable, repeatable, continuous integration, delivery, customer test and deployment.

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