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Customer Defined Application (CDA)

With Titan.ium CDA, customers define their own bespoke network application. Titan.ium then builds that application and deploys it into the network on the TITAN platform.

Version Validation Service

Titan.ium will scope a custom offer to upgrade your Customer Defined Application (CDA) to the latest release of TITAN.

Equipment Identity Register (EIR)

The Equipment Identity Register (EIR)  is a database service helping to prevent the use of stolen or faulty handsets / User Equipment in the operator’s network.

Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC)

An efficient and centralized Diameter routing solution is needed in order to streamline and simplify core node connectivity in order to streamline…

Signaling Transfer Point

Our signaling transfer point modernizes a critical network, moving it back to fully supported status while improving STP performance, reliability and security.

ENUM + DNS Performance Number Mapping Services

Titan.ium ENUM + DNS is the world’s most widely deployed Carrier-ENUM solution in Fixed, Mobile, Cable and IPX networks.

Home Location Register (HLR)

Home Location Register (HLR) provides secure authentication procedures, location management, delivery or subscriber profiles…

Home Subscriber Server (HSS)

Titan.ium’s Home Subscriber Server (HSS) is designed for operational efficiency, high performance and scalability, delivering virtually unlimited subscriber capacity.

Location Retrieval Function (LRF)

The Location Retrieval Function (LRF) is responsible for retrieving the geographic location information of the User Equipment (UE)…

Number Portability (NP)

Number Portability (NP) solution for multi-technology networks (fixed, 25, 3G, 4G, 5G) with centralized NP that offers massive capacity and high reliability. 

TITAN Platform

TITAN provides a richApplication deployment environmen hosting multiple Signaling Applications on a common easy-to-use platform.

UT-Proxy Subscriber Self Administration

Our Ut-Proxy is a next generation Subscriber Self Administration (SSA) solution that is part of the TITAN architecture.


French service providers must implement STIR/SHAKEN by July 25, 2023 as a solution to the French consumer unwanted and fraudulent call problem in that region.

SS7 Signaling Firewall (SS7-SFW)

Industry experts have been warning for many years about SS7 security concerns and how SS7 can be abused to redirect calls…

Signaling Firewall Services Suite

Security in telecom networks is an everchanging challenge that must be continuously addressed. Our firewall suite is here to help meet that challenge. 

SIP Signaling Firewall (SIP-SFW)

Operators need to secure their SIP signaling architecture in a way that addresses known concerns and protects their networks in real time against emerging threats.

Signaling Firewall (SFW)

Experts have been warning for years about SS7 security concerns and how SS7 can be abused to redirect calls, track locations and capture text messages.

Subscriber Data Management

Subscriber Data Management with one Subscriber Database gives carriers the ability consolidate data and reduce maintenance.

Diameter Signaling FIrewall (DIA-SFW)

Protects against GSMA Fraud and Security Group defined attacks, securing Diameter signaling architecture and protecting networks in real time. 

Signaling Transfer Point (STP) Appliance

With the impending exit of all but a handful of STP manufacturers, telecom carriers must find replacements for their aging SS7 routing infrastructure.

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