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Titan.ium's Access and Session Management products help customers to manage efficiently access, routing and user settings for IMS and Number Portability services.


ENUM and number portability interworking allow operators for subscriber management and routing within the operators network as well of accurate low-cost routing, saving operator termination costs.

  • ENUM server allows operators to have a central data source for different routing engines, e.g. CSCF, SBC, TAS, or for different networks, e.g. VoIP/VoLTE/Vo5G.
  • Carrier DNS allows operators to use a central database to manage IP addresses for all of their network functions.
  • Ut Proxy for Subscriber Self Administration (SSA) to allow UE securely to conduct secure configuration.
  • Number Portability to support Mobile Number Portability and Fixed Number Portability services via multiple network technologies.



TTitan.ium’s ENUM/DNS is standards compliant, adhering to all relevant IETF RFCs for carrier ENUM/DNS services. In addition, it supports the ENUM/DNS interworking solution specified in GSMA IR.76 and NG.105. Titan.ium’s ENUM/DNS offers the flexibly to support multiple deployment scenarios including support of Split-Horizon, Zone sharing and zone chaining thus providing the maximum in flexibility, power and control.

Download the EDUM/DNS Data Sheet


Titan.ium’s Ut-Proxy is a next-generation Subscriber Self Administration (SSA) that allows the UE to conduct configuration of different application services in whole or part of the service setting. The Ut-Proxy solution provides two functions: the Bootstrapping Function (BSF) and the Ut-Authentication Proxy (Ut-AP) function in one single application. BSF is hosted in a network element under the control of an MNO, i.e., H-PLMN. BSF, HSS, and UEs participate in GBA, in which a shared secret is established between the network and a UE by running the bootstrapping procedure. Ut-AP acts as an Authentication Proxy and authenticates the IMS user by using the bootstrapped security association retrieved from BSF.

Download the Ut-Proxy Data Sheet


Titan.ium’s Number Portability (NP) is a single unified and centralized solution that can serve all the number portability needs of the network, no matter how many access technologies are deployed across it. All fixed line, 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G technologies are simultaneously and seamlessly supported.

Download the Number Portability Data Sheet