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Titan.ium's Signaling, Routing and Security products help customers to manage complexity and secure their networks

Multiple network technologies is in our DNA

Operating a telecom network is a daunting challenge. Today, there are at least five major technology silos that must all be simultaneously operational and to the extent possible, delivering harmonized versions of the same end subscriber services. Added to these technology silos (fixed line TDM, IMS VoIP, 2G/3G, 4G and now 5G) are emerging network applications such as IoT. The overlapping and cumulative investment needed to acquire, operate and maintain is an extremely complex problem. 

Customers need functional density – unified telecom platforms that can host multiple network technologies, and multiple network elements within any one technology, all concurrently. This is where Titan.ium Platform comes in. This is what we do. This is our DNA. For all of Fixed, IMS, 2G/3G and 4G, our product can host the full suite of supporting network elements that Titan.ium has to offer, in addition to the network protection products mentioned above. The same can be said of 5G, where we are able to serve all of our 5G network elements.

As a modern, evolving and fully supported platform, our product delivers comprehensive protocol support, the ability to host multiple network elements on a single node, horizontal scalability that allows a single system to expand to whatever size is needed to serve the 

network and finally, massive transactions per second capacity. All of this delivers more core for the dollar, or to put it more simply: having an outstanding core network TCO. The same can also be said for our newest framework, which shares these same attributes in addition to being fully cloud native.

Many of today’s high revenues earning services are still based on SS7, an aging and increasingly poorly supported technology. Most of the large telecom OEMs have abandoned SS7, preferring to pursue newer technologies. Similar statements can be made for VoIP/IMS and to a lesser extent, the Diameter elements of 4G. Finding expertise and in-depth support for network elements in these areas can be problematic, expensive or both. 

Signaling and routing is what Titan.ium has done since our inception over 20 years ago. We have deep expertise in all of the layers of SS7, all of the applications of Diameter and all of the many variations of which SIP is capable. HTTP2 for 5G? Yes, we have deep roots in that area as well. Titan.ium Platform is the one vendor you can turn to for detailed understanding of and deep expertise in all of the telecom protocols and elements that are in-service today.


Making the smart investment on a product that supports multiple network technologies, and multiple network elements concurrently.


Improving Core Network TCO.


Core Network Support.



Diameter Signaling Controller is a highly scalable, NFV-ready Diameter signaling control element used to manage the rapid growth of the Diameter signaling network. It provides capabilities that transform, forward, route, and load balance Diameter signaling traffic within 2G, 3G, LTE, and IMS networks.

Download the DSC Data Sheet


Signaling Firewall is a highly scalable, multi-protocol (SS7, Diameter and SIP) signaling firewall network element that can be used to protect operator network from a wide array of security threats.

Download the generic SFW Data Sheet and the specific sheets for SS7, and  Diameter


Signal Transfer Point routes signaling messages based on destination address. Enables sophisticated routing of SS7 messages and versatile Global Title Translation of SCCP traffic within the operator network.

Download the STP Data Sheet


Secure Telephony Identity Revisited/Secure Handling of Asserted Information Using Tokens is a call signing/validation solution to defend against unwanted and fraudulent calls.

Download the STIR/SHAKEN Data Sheet