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The Titan platform is Titan.ium’s traditional platform supporting Bare-Metal Server & NFV Virtual Machine (VM) deployment models.


The Titan platform is a carrier-grade, multi-protocol signaling and routing engine that enables a carrier/operator to efficiently manage routing and subscriber data via a common Titan server infrastructure executing customer- or standards-defined application logic. Network applications access Titan via multiple standard protocols including DNS/ENUM, SIP, HTTP, RADIUS, Diameter and SS7/C7. The range of applications delivered on Titan spans from centralized portability-corrected routing translations, over standardized 2G/3G, 4G and IMS applications to customer-defined applications that address client’s specific needs such as protocol interworking, fault tolerance in protocol-incompatibility situations, location-based services and signaling security.

Titan delivers on the next-generation promise of lower cost, faster response time and greater scalability and flexibility than existing solutions that rely on in-switch routing and traditional signaling nodes. 

Titan utilizes geo-graphically distributed architecture comprising server nodes running on a commercial off-the-shelf hardware or as virtual machines deployed on the operator’s NFV infrastructure, and seamlessly integrates with the operator’s Operational Support System (OSS).

Titan is deployed on a global basis in many of the world’s largest fixed-line, mobile and next-generation interconnect networks, and has an over a 20-year track record, currently deployed at 180+ customers in 80+ countries, including eight of the world's top ten service providers.