Same great teams. Same great products.

Formerly NetNumber, Titan.ium Platform LLC has a new name but the same continued singular focus of providing the industry with the most flexible and powerful platforms to help our customers build out global carrier networks and secure private communication services.

About Us

Titan.ium Platform is steeped in its vision and mission from the last 20 years of providing quality core network services and products to our community of customers, partners, and integrators.

Titan.ium Platform represents a paradigm shift for building and deploying radically simplified core and secure private networks with the same industry-leading platforms and framework, TITAN, TITAN.IUM and NetCore.

  • All signaling protocols and all associated services are provided on ONE common platform.
  • Multiple “silos” of network technology can be collapsed together, centralizing and simplifying network topology, easing service interworking and dramatically reducing network OPEX.
  • Intergenerational solutions across 3G-5G

What We Do

We provide core network apps. Our niche focuses on signaling, routing, subscriber data management, and security.

Carrier Market

TITAN® Platform

  • Designed for carrier industry
  • Enables 3G and 4G network functions across the entire core network – focusing on signaling, security, routing and subscriber data management
  • Deployed on COTS or in a Virtualized Environment

TITAN.IUM® Framework

  • Designed for the next generation of networks in the carrier industry
  • Enables 3G-5G network functions across the entire core network – focusing on signaling, routing, security, and subscriber data management
  • Specifically built for cloud-native Deployments

Private Networks


  • Designed for Secure Private Networks within the Federal, Government, Military, and First Responder communications
  • Complete “Mobile Core Network in a Box” across 3G, 4G, 5G NSA, and 5G stand alone
  • Specifically designed for customers who need a range of services for secure private communications addressing a wide range of tactical and border security situations

Mobile Connectivity Services (MCS)

  • Mobile Authentication and In-roaming as a Service (MAaaS)
  • Bring Your Own Device to your Private Network while also supporting private SIM devices
  • Securely attach public MNO devices to your network when public operator coverage is not available
  • No need for separate SIMs or eSIM management systems
  • Highly secure with self- administered network access-lists
  • Reduced time to deployment

Professional Services

Global 24x7 Support from In-House Experts

Our Professional Services teams work closely with our family of customers and partners to ensure successful deployment and on-going operation of Titan.ium Platform’s products and solutions.

  • Product and customized training, remote and on site
  • Global 24X7 support
  • Service management, single point of contact
  • Customer-dedicated services teams
  • Proactive and custom support services
  • Globally distributed across EMEA, Americas, and Asiapac.


The right apps and frameworks can make all the difference in your business. We offer a selection of both to help you select the right delivery environment for both to enable success for your business.


Read our collection of independently written reports, detailed papers, and further information.

Private Networks

Resources that help you learn which private network solutions will be best for your needs.

5G Products

Resources that help you learn how TITAN.IUM framework enables your business with 5G services

TITANIUM® Products

Resources that help you select the right framework & apps to enable your business.

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