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Titan.ium Platform Launches Automated Certificate Management

Improves security, and simplifies operations to save cost


LOWELL, Mass., April 22, 2024Titan.ium Platform today announced the addition of automated certificate management across its product line, reducing costs by simplifying operations and improving network security, scalability, and efficiency in large-scale, growing networks.

“Our customers are mobile network operators (MNOs), communications service providers (CSPs), and IPX providers, that rely heavily on utilizing certificates to secure their networks, infrastructure, and data exchange,” said Kurt Daniel, CEO, Titan.ium Platform. “Automating certificate management enables these providers to more efficiently manage many certificates across their networks, helping to ensure uninterrupted customer service and compliance with security standards.”

Manual management of certificates can be time-consuming and costly, while subject to human errors which can result in misconfigurations and security vulnerabilities. Automated certificate management improves security with higher efficiency and scalability. In addition, automated certification management helps ensure compliance with data privacy regulations like GDPR by providing a reliable and auditable process and policies and therefore reducing the risk of fines and legal consequences.

Use of certificates for security is increasing exponentially, intensifying the need for automated management that can scale and ensure that certificates have valid dates and configurations. For example, the increasingly-growing 5G standalone core and interconnect networks utilize mutual transport layer security (TLS) and thereforewith client and server certificates on every internal and external signaling interface. In addition, network administrators use TLS certificates to safeguard the network against fraudulent access to the OAM services and customer data.

As the number of certificates grows across the mobile core and IPX networks, issuing, tracking, and renewing of certificates can become overwhelming. Automating certificate management helps avoid missed certificate renewals or expirations that lead to service downtime, security breaches, or non-compliance with security standards and regulations.

To learn more about automated certificate management and how Titan.ium bridges the gap between legacy and 5G services with its microservices-based architecture, register for the webinar, that takes place on May 23rd at 10 am Eastern/4 pm CET.


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Titan.ium Platform is a leader in signaling, routing, subscriber data management, and security software and services. Our solutions are deployed in more than 80 countries by over 180 companies, including eight of the world’s top ten communications service providers and all of the top five. Titan.ium supports any network, domain, signaling protocol, and infrastructure with advanced routing capabilities and a unified end-user experience.

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