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Titan.ium Platform Announces New Maintenance and Managed Services Elevating Telecom Support Experience

New services provide comprehensive, proactive, customer-centric support and maintenance to protect customers' data and ensure secure operations


LOWELL, Mass., June 17, 2024Titan.ium Platform today announced the launch of comprehensive maintenance services that advance the support experience for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), Communications Service Providers (CSPs), and IPX carriers by ensuring timely assistance, proactive issue resolution, and expert guidance tailored to their specific requirements.

By streamlining operations, increasing security and compliance, and delivering personalized support, Titan.ium's maintenance services deliver tangible business value. From cost savings through efficiency gains to enhanced productivity and customer satisfaction, these services contribute directly to the success and competitiveness of telecommunications businesses.

With growing demand for proactive, customer-centric support solutions that address the challenges faced by telecom operators and businesses today, Titan.ium meets the evolving needs of telecom operators worldwide helping with modernization initiatives to help realize the full potential of cloud technologies.

"Our new maintenance services underscore our ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence in service delivery reinforcing our position as a leader in the industry," said Bruno Lacoste, chief operating officer, Titan.ium Platform. "These services reflect our dedication to addressing the evolving needs of telecom operators and empowering them with the tools and resources they need to succeed in today's dynamic telecommunications landscape."

The new services focus on enhancing the overall customer experience and delivering tangible value to clients, ensuring customers have access to updated information and access to new features, maximizing product performance and security, and meeting all regulatory compliance. The proactive approach minimizes downtime, enhances operational efficiency, and ultimately improves the bottom line for businesses.

Key components of Titan.ium Platform's new maintenance services include:

  • Automated software delivery;
  • Knowledge articles for customer enablement and self-support;
  • Health checks;
  • Quarterly security scan report;
  • Premium support services with a preferred contacts;
  • Quarterly operations reviews;
  • Premium protection services, including quarterly audits and reports review;
  • Tailored support services such as managed services, custom maintenance programs level 2 managed services, and custom application support.

“Titan.ium’s maintenance services team’s dedication to software maintenance has been a game-changer for our operations," said Philip Hanhart, general manager, T-Mobile- First Orion. "The personalized support and proactive solutions they provide have significantly improved our efficiency and allowed us to focus on delivering exceptional service to our customers."

By automating the update process and conducting regular health checks, customers are assured that their platforms are always up-to-date, stable, and reliable without the need for manual intervention.

The inclusion of premium protection services, such as quarterly audits and detailed reports, assure security and compliance, helping customers identify and address potential vulnerabilities to ensure the integrity and security of their platforms and data.

Titan.ium managed services and tailored support options, which include custom application support, provide customers with flexibility and customization to meet their unique needs.
For more information about Titan.ium Platform's new maintenance services, go here.

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Titan.ium Platform is a leader in signaling, routing, subscriber data management, and security software and services. Our solutions are deployed in more than 80 countries by over 180 companies, including eight of the world’s top ten communications service providers and all of the top five. Titan.ium supports any network, domain, signaling protocol, and infrastructure with advanced routing capabilities and a unified end-user experience.

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