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Titanium's Year in Review

The last twelve months represented a special year for Titan.ium Platform with significant milestones reached for us, our customers, and our partners.

In 2023, we celebrated our twenty-third year in business, the first full year of our spinout from NetNumber, and our successful acquisition by the Lumine Group. We introduced a new brand and a series of new product releases for Titan and Titan.ium while welcoming new team members and customers.

The biggest news of the year happened in March when we were acquired by Lumine, a publicly traded acquirer of communications and media software businesses. Lumine has been an ideal home for Titan.ium – its growing communications and media ecosystem combined with its numerous best practices have already benefitted us strongly. 

One month later, we launched our new brand and website.

Throughout the year, Titan.ium introduced 115+ new features and enhancements across our product portfolio, including:

  • STIR/SHAKEN on Titan to provide caller verification and reduce call spoofing
  • BSF and SCP on Titan.ium to extend our 5G cloud-native offering
  • New Telemetry and Analytics capabilities for better observability of services
  • Updated support of Red Hat and Oracle
  • New cloud support, including Amazon EKS, VMware Tanzu, Nokia NCS, Red Hat OpenShift, and upstream Kubernetes

We delivered 135+ professional services projects for 64 of our customers.

Titan.ium welcomed thirteen new customers around the world and deepened our existing partnerships with the leaders of the communications market.

We participated in several industry events, including MWC Barcelona, MWC Las Vegas, Big 5G, MVNO Nation, Network Now, and Network X. These events provided valuable opportunities to engage with our customers and partners while sharing insights on important topics such as 5G Core, the cloud, security, and automated software delivery.

Titan.ium appreciated the opportunity we had in our GSMA working group chair roles for 5G interconnectivity, contributing to the development of a standardized approach beneficial for the entire industry.

We brought on three new key executives during the last half of the year to help further strengthen and grow the company and better serve our customers:

  • Myself as Chief Executive Officer
  • Amanda Tompkins as Chief Financial Officer
  • Jason Brayshaw as Chief Revenue Officer

Our team looks forward to 2024 when we will release several new Titan.ium products and services while strengthening our go-to-market motions and other areas of our business as core components of our plan.

We thank you for your continued support and partnership and wish you the best for the upcoming year and beyond.


Kurt Daniel